Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sam's World Reads Like Cliff-Notes, Not A Daily Blog

MiMi and I are really trying our best
to keep everyone up on my life ... BUT
MiMi set herself up for a real challenge I told her
when she started Simon Says two years ago.
Looking back, life back in early 2009 must seem 
so easy ... she seemed to have spare minutes galore
to chat away with you all on that blog.

Today it is a far different story isn't it? 
We are all getting along beautifully really ... BUT
two little boys is not just double the challenges
to MiMi's time but triple the use of her energies.

So bear with us ... these stories may come in batches
instead of dailies, but it will still be fun to have them
to read when I grow up and want to remember
my fun-filled days with my brother Simon and my MiMi.

December 30, 2010

On Thursday we all had a visit with some very good friends
of MiMi's and Simon's. Erin Spurrier and her kids Remy and Chase
hadn't gotten to meet me yet so they came for a visit
and it was love at first sight for all of us!
We had a good time getting to hug and snuggle. I hope that
they'll come back and play again soon.  Simon tells me
that they might want to go to the Tot Lot with us
one day when it gets warm! Yay!

January 5, 2011

 MiMi and I had a lot of "alone" time in early January.
You probably read about this on Simon's blog, but
he became very sick and had to spend four days in the hospital. 
While he was there, I stayed with MiMi.  We had to make up
some new ways to spend our time and MiMi 
grabbed her camera and tried out some portrait work.

Then there was my first bath time at MiMi's.

January 18, 2011

I have developed the talents to
begin sitting up ... thank goodness for Bumbo.
And, yes, it's not too early to begin getting my
chops at learning the ways of Sesame Street and friends.
Simon has a good time with all the lessons, music and dancing
and he wants to take me to the Elmo show one day too!

January 20, 2011

I am growing quickly ... MiMi will share my latest stats
with you after my next visit to the doctor's office in February.
But a guy's got to work at keeping a good looking body ...
And along with biceps curls, I like to do some legwork too ...
Well, this has been a look at some of the fun times
we have had in January after we were so very lucky
to get Simon back home and healthy again.
 Bye for now ... MiMi and I will be doing this again soon.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sam's Life in Fast-Forward

I know that everyone thinks that the 
busy days during all the holidays makes
it feel as though it's rush, rush, rush.
Well, I've done my best to keep up and 
really so has MiMi, but she knows that
it's been way too long since she's been able to
share Me with You!

So here goes ...
 I've got a gym membership ...
 I played Santa in a local production ...
 I got the closest thing to a tattoo that I'm allowed ...
 I discovered my tongue and how to communicate with it ...
 I've gone hipstomatic ...
 I made a new friend with a cutie, Doria ...
I've learned that people love to laugh with me!