Sunday, December 26, 2010

We Survived (Even Thrived) Our First Week!

Well, we all knew the day was coming and we tried to be prepared ... Mommy had to return to her "other job" and MiMi and I would get to know each other much better.

On Monday, December 20th Simon and I arrived at MiMi's. There was all kinds of excitement because not only was it my first day joining MiMi and Simon, but Lauren and Rama had arrived for their Christmas visit too!  The place was hopping!

If you'd had a peek during the morning watching us all, you might have had some doubts about how well MiMi was managing ... but you know I had to make my presence known and give her a little run for her money. You know the trick ... try a different style bottle, a different style nipple, a different temperature, a different position, try some rocking, try some swaying, sing to me, check that diaper again ... okay, I finally took pity on their three ring circus act and fell asleep.

MiMi had the good fortune (and the good sense) to call in all the reinforcements she could get from Aunties Lauren and Rama and she says thank goodness she had them here for our "getting to know you" week!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sam and MiMi Spend A Day Together And The Question Is Who's Who?

Today was our first day together,
just MiMi and me.
Momma and Simon went off
to see trains and eat pizza
(two things I am sure to love also in a year or two).

Today I had a visit with MiMi's good friend,
Erin and the usual question when I meet 
new people continues to be,
"Who does he look like? Does he look like
Simon?  Well, here you go ...
tell me what you think. Can you tell
who's who?

At the time of these pictures, Simon was 12 weeks old
and Sam Henry was almost 10 weeks.
Momma  reminded MiMi that since
Simon joined the family 5 weeks earlier
than expected and I was 3 weeks earlier,
 basically we were about the same!